Arc Lamp

"Arc lamp" or "arc light" is the general term for a class of lamps that produce light by an electric arc (also called a voltaic arc). The lamp consists of two electrodes, first made from carbon but typically made today of tungsten, which are separated by a gas. The type of lamp is often named by the gas contained in the bulb; including neon, argon, xenon, krypton, sodium, metal halide, and mercury, or by the type of electrode as in carbon-arc lamps. The common fluorescent lamp is a low-pressure mercury arc lamp.

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Tesla Electric Light & Manufacturing - Patents
... Patent 335,786 - Electric arc lamp - 1886 February 9 - Arc lamp with carbon electrodes controlled by electromagnets or solenoids and a clutch mechanism ... Patent 335,787 - Electric arc lamp - 1886 February 9 - Arc lamp's automatic fail switch when arc possesses abnormal behavior Automatic reactivation ...
Luminous Efficacy - Lighting Efficiency - Examples
... halogen (12–24 V) 24 3.5% photographic and projection lamps 35 5.1% Light-emitting diode white LED (raw, without power supply) 4.5–150 0.66–22.0% 4.1 W LED screw base lamp (120 V) 58.5–82.9 ...
Arc Lamp - History - Carbon-arc Lighting in The U.S.
... In the United States, there were attempts to produce arc lamps commercially after 1850 but the lack of a constant electricity supply thwarted efforts ... It was not until the 1870s that lamps such as the Yablochkov candle were more commonly seen ... by Brush performed best, and Brush immediately applied his improved dynamo to arc-lighting an early application being Public Square in Cleveland, Ohio ...
History Of Street Lighting In The United States - Means of Electric Light Generation - Arc Lamp
... Open Arc lamps were used in the late 19th early 20th century by many large cities for street lighting ... Their bright light required that the early arc lamps be placed on rather high (60 to 150-foot) towers as such, they might be considered the predecessor to today's high-mast lighting systems seen along ... Arc lamps use high current between two electrodes (typically carbon rods) and require substantial maintenance ...

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