Zip or ZIP most commonly refers to:

  • Zipper or zip, a device for temporarily joining two edges of fabric together
  • ZIP code, the USPS Zone Improvement Plan used in postal addresses in the USA
  • Zip drive, a removable data storage format
  • ZIP (file format), a popular data compression and archival format
  • zip, a GNU/Linux terminal program from Info-ZIP
  • Zip Industries makers of instant hot water dispensers, made in Australia, used worldwide.
  • Zip (net-staff) to outsource it; turn it over to be completed; be relieved of it as your virtual assistant will handle it.

Zip, Zips or ZIP may also refer to:

In places:

  • Žíp, a village in Slovakia
  • Zip City, Alabama, USA

In arts and media:

  • Zip, the Dodger, a 1914 film
  • Zip (TUGS), a character in the children's television series TUGS
  • Mr. ZIP, a promotional character for ZIP codes
  • Zip the Pinhead or William Johnson (1842? - 1926), circus freak show performer
  • Zip or Tom Prichard (born 1959), professional wrestler
  • Zip, the vertical line in works by artist Barnett Newman

In other uses:

  • Zips, slang term for Sicilian or Italian immigrants to USA
  • Akron Zips, the University of Akron athletic team
  • Zip (airline), a defunct Canadian discount airline
  • Zip (game), children's or party game
  •, a Canadian online DVD rental service
  • Zig-zag in-line package, a type of electronic packaging
  • Zone Information Protocol, implementation of an OSI model layer
  • zip, another name for the convolution operation in formal language theory
  • "Zip" is a slang name for zero or no

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