Digit may refer to:

  • Digit (anatomy), one of several most distal parts of a limb—fingers, thumbs, and toes on hands and feet
  • Numerical digit, as used in mathematics or computer science
  • Hexadecimal, representing a four-bit number
  • Dit or digit, synonym of Ban (information), a unit of information entropy
  • Digit (unit), an ancient measurement unit
  • Phone number, slang as digit, as in "Let me get your digits so I can call you tonight."
  • Digit (magazine), an Indian information technology magazine
  • digits dancing, a type of gestural, interpretive, rave and urban street dance
  • Digit (Cyberchase), a Cyberchase character

Other articles related to "digits, digit":

French Locomotive Classification - Steam
... As with Whyte, a conventional rigid locomotive will have three digits corresponding to its axle configuration The first digit corresponds to the number of leading unpowered axles ... The second digit corresponds to the number of powered axles ... The third digit corresponds to the number of trailing unpowered axles ...
Calculator Spelling - Description
... Each digit can be mapped to a unique letter, creating a limited but functional subset of the alphabet ... Digit 9 ... A B C D E F Letter O I Z E h S g L B b Y q J P 3 j The graphic below illustrates with the sequence "250714638" appearing inverted as "BEghILOSZ" Certain calculators omit the ... a different, but less useful, set of letters can be reproduced Digit 9 ... A B C D E F Letter O - N M J u b C ∞ ɑ ¢ O U P W u If the calculator is ...
Telephone Numbers In Brazil
... the telephone numbering plan uses eight-digit local phone numbers (nine digits for mobile lines in the São Paulo area), plus a two-digit area code ... Public utility services use three-digit phone numbers, always starting with 1 ...
Robert Moon (postal Inspector)
... Philadelphia, although his system used only the first three digits of what became a five-digit, and later a nine-digit, system ... The first Directory of Post Offices using five-digit ZIP code numbers was published in 1963 ...

Famous quotes containing the word digit:

    Bless my soul, Sir, will you Britons not credit that an American can be a gentleman, & have read the Waverly Novels, tho every digit may have been in the tar-bucket?
    Herman Melville (1819–1891)