Bureau may refer to:

  • Public administration offices of various kinds
  • Government agencies of various kinds
  • News bureau, an office for gathering or distributing news, generally for a given geographical location
  • Desk, a piece of furniture, typically a table used for office work
  • Chest of drawers, a piece of furniture that has multiple, stacked, parallel drawers
  • Bureau (European Parliament), the administrative organ of the Parliament of the European Union
  • The Bureau, English New Wave soul music group
  • Bureau County, Illinois
  • Le Bureau, a French television series
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation, the leading internal law enforcement agency in the United States
  • Service bureau, a company which provides business services for a fee
  • Citizens Advice Bureau, a network of independent UK charities that give free, confidential help to people for money, legal, consumer and other problems
  • Louis Édouard Bureau (1830–1918), French physician and botanist
  • Jacques Bureau (1860–1933), Canadian politician
  • André Bureau (born 1935), Canadian lawyer and communications executive
  • Marc Bureau (politician) (born 1955), Canadian politician; mayor of Gatineau
  • Stéphan Bureau (born 1964), Canadian television journalist
  • Marc Bureau (ice hockey) (born 1966), Canadian ice hockey player

Other articles related to "bureau":

Environmental Protection Department - History
... been determined by the relevant policy bureau, most recently the then Environment, Transport and Works Bureau. 1 April 2005 however the environmental policy-making function carried out by the then Bureau was subsumed within the EPD and the head of the Environment Branch of the policy bureau ... bureaux on 1 July 2007, a new Environment Bureau was formed overseeing the formulation and implementation of environmental policies ...
Citizens Advice Bureau
... A Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) is one of a network of independent charities throughout the UK that give free, confidential information and advice to help ... There are also Citizens Advice Bureau organisations in Australia, New Zealand, Israel, and The Bronx, New York, USA ... the abbreviation CAB is sometimes pluralised as CABx because bureau is a French word with the plural bureaux, although CABs is also used ...
Chicago Fire Department - Operations (Ops.)
... The Bureau of Operations is the Chicago Fire Department's largest Bureau, with a personnel strength of more than 4,500 uniformed firefighters and paramedics, many of whom are “cross-trained” in the use ... The Bureau receives more than 500,000 calls annually for emergency assistance, and responds to fires, medical emergencies, hazardous material incidents ... The Bureau of Operations consists of four sub-divisions Fire Suppression Rescue, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Special Operations the Office of Fire Investigation (O ...
Bureau Of Aeronautics
... The Bureau of Aeronautics (BuAer) was the U.S ... The bureau had "cognizance" (i.e ... weapons, however, were under the cognizance of the Navy's Bureau of Ordnance (BuOrd) ...

Famous quotes containing the word bureau:

    We passed the Children’s Bureau bill calculated to prevent children from being employed too early in factories.
    William Howard Taft (1857–1930)

    We know what the animals do, what are the needs of the beaver, the bear, the salmon, and other creatures, because long ago men married them and acquired this knowledge from their animal wives. Today the priests say we lie, but we know better.
    native American belief, quoted by D. Jenness in “The Carrier Indians of the Bulkley River,” Bulletin no. 133, Bureau of American Ethnology (1943)

    If this bureau had a prayer for use around horse parks, it would go something like this: Lead us not among bleeding-hearts to whom horses are cute or sweet or adorable, and deliver us from horse-lovers. Amen.... With that established, let’s talk about the death of Seabiscuit the other night. It isn’t mawkish to say, there was a racehorse, a horse that gave race fans as much pleasure as any that ever lived and one that will be remembered as long and as warmly.
    Walter Wellesley (Red)