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Legends And Tales Of The Pine Barrens - The White Stag
... Similarly, the White Stag is a ghostly white deer said to aid travelers lost in the Pine Barrens ... The Stag also prevents impending disasters, and it is said to have stopped a stagecoach from crashing into the Batsto River ... When the driver climbed off the stage, he noticed a white stag in the road which then disappeared ...
Wood Badge (Boy Scouts Of America) - Change From Camping To Leadership - White Stag Program Draws National Attention
... He named it White Stag Leadership Development after the white stag of Hungarian mythology, the emblem of the Fourth World Scout Jamboree, which Bela had attended when he was ... They also served on the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America and brought the White Stag program to their attention ... he recommended that the national office conduct a detailed analysis of the White Stag program ...
The White Stag
... The White Stag is a children's book, written and illustrated by Kate Seredy ... The White Stag is a mythical retelling that follows the warrior bands of Huns and Magyars across Asia and into Europe, including the life of Attila the Hun ...
Fox's Feud - Plot - Detailed
... this freedom he leaves the part of White Deer Park where the Farthing Wood animals live, despite his father telling him to not leave this area ... head towards Fox and find that the Great White Stag is mediating the conflict between Fox and Scarface, resolving it without any fighting ... The animals later realise that Adder asked the Great White Stag to be the mediator ...
White Stag Leadership Development Program - History - Growth On The Monterey Peninsula
... Chiorini said, "White Stag was all about creating an environment in which youth led youth ... There was no question about who was in charge in White Stag ... Clair, Sujan, and Tripp, helped Bánáthy develop the White Stag program ...

Famous quotes containing the words stag and/or white:

    A stag of warrant, a stag, a stag,
    A runnable stag, a kingly crop,
    Brow, bay and tray and three on top,
    A stag, a runnable stag.
    John Davidson (1857–1909)

    Through throats where many rivers meet, the curlews cry,
    Under the conceiving moon, on the high chalk hill,
    And there this night I walk in the white giant’s thigh
    Where barrren as boulders women lie longing still
    To labour and love though they lay down long ago.
    Dylan Thomas (1914–1953)