What is whooping crane?

  • (noun): Rare North American crane having black-and-white plumage and a trumpeting call.
    Synonyms: whooper, Grus americana

Whooping Crane

The Whooping Crane (Grus americana), is the tallest North American bird, is an endangered crane species named for its whooping sound. Along with the Sandhill Crane, it is one of only two crane species found in North America. The Whooping Crane's lifespan is estimated to be 22 to 24 years in the wild. After being pushed to the brink of extinction by unregulated hunting and loss of habitat to just 21 wild and two captive Whooping Cranes by 1941, conservation efforts have led to a limited recovery. As of 2011, there are an estimated 437 birds in the wild and more than 165 in captivity.

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Whooping Crane - Conservation Efforts
... The Whooping Crane was declared endangered in 1967 ... Although believed to be naturally rare, the crane has suffered major population deprivations due to habitat destruction and over-hunting ... During the past two years, five Whooping Cranes in the Eastern population, which numbers about 100 in total, have been illegally shot and killed ...
Endangered Species Act - History
... received widespread attention—the whooping crane ... Unregulated hunting and habitat loss contributed to a steady decline in the whooping crane population until, by 1890, it had disappeared from its primary breeding range in the north central ... The whooping crane population by 1941 was estimated at about only 16 birds still in the wild ...
Whooping Crane Summer Range
... Whooping Crane Summer Range is a 16,895 km² wetland complex in the boreal forests of northern Alberta and southwestern Northwest Territories in Canada ... only natural nesting habitat for the endangered whooping crane ... In addition to the whooping crane nesting area, the range includes two sites classified during the International Biological Program ...

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