What is sorting?


Sorting is any process of arranging items in some sequence and/or in different sets, and accordingly, it has two common, yet distinct meanings:

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Some articles on sorting:

Physical Sorting Processes
... Various sorting tasks are essential in industrial processes ... flow to separate gold from lighter materials in the ore (sorting by size and weight) ... Sorting is also a naturally occurring process that results in the concentration of ore or sediment ...
Satake Corporation
... focused in equipment for the processing and sorting of agricultural products such as rice, grains and beans ... have now expanded into plastics, acquiring an American company, Electronic Sorting Machines (ESM), that specializes in optical sorting equipment for nuts ...
Syncsort - DMExpress
... The data sorting and transformation capabilities described by Varsegi for mainframe systems are provided as well in DMExpress, Syncsort's data ... of his popular book, The Data Warehouse Toolkit, explained how data management and sorting products like Syncsort’s can be valuable for Database Management Systems (DBMSs ...
Sean M. Burke - Software
... HTML parsing module HTMLTreeBuilder, and SortArbBiLex (arbitrary bi-level lexicographic sorting), used to generate sorting functions for language-specific sorting conventions ...
Sorting Network
... A sorting network is an abstract mathematical model of a network of wires and comparator modules that is used to sort a sequence of numbers ... The main difference between sorting networks and comparison sorting algorithms is that with a sorting network the sequence of comparisons is set in advance, regardless of the outcome of previous ... Despite the simplicity of the model, sorting network theory is surprisingly deep and complex ...

More definitions of "sorting":

  • (noun): An operation that segregates items into groups according to a specified criterion.
    Example: "The bottleneck in mail delivery it the process of sorting"
    Synonyms: sort
  • (noun): Grouping by class or kind or size.