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Freedom Of Religion In Belarus - Status of Religious Freedom - Abuses of Religious Freedom
... The Government continued to abuse the religious freedom of several religious groups ... As in the past, the most common charge against religious leaders was organizing or hosting an unauthorized meeting, a charge that arises from a law ... period, Protestant and non-BOC Orthodox communities were fined or warned for illegally conducting religious services, carrying out unsanctioned religious activities, or illegally ...
Fowler V. Rhode Island - Decision
... by the State of Rhode Island that the meeting in question was a religious one and the further concession that the ordinance did not prohibit church ... that amounted to the state preferring some religious groups over the Jehovah's Witnesses ... in which there was similarly "a public park, open to all religious groups, was denied Jehovah's Witnesses because of the dislike which the local officials ...

Famous quotes containing the words service and/or religious:

    Finally, your lengthy service ended,
    Lay your weariness beneath my laurel tree.
    Horace [Quintus Horatius Flaccus] (65–8)

    In the dominant Western religious system, the love of God is essentially the same as the belief in God, in God’s existence, God’s justice, God’s love. The love of God is essentially a thought experience. In the Eastern religions and in mysticism, the love of God is an intense feeling experience of oneness, inseparably linked with the expression of this love in every act of living.
    Erich Fromm (1900–1980)