What is pan?

  • (noun): Cooking utensil consisting of a wide metal vessel.
    Synonyms: cooking pan
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Pan and panning can have many meanings as listed below in various categories.

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Wilber Pan
... Wilber Pan also known as Will Pan (traditional Chinese 潘瑋柏 simplified Chinese 潘玮柏 pinyin Pān Wěibó Pe̍h-ōe-jī PhoaⁿÚi-peh) was born on 6 August 1980 ... Pan was awarded Best Leading Actor in a Television Series for Endless Love (愛∞無限) at the 46th Golden Bell Awards in 2011, Taiwan's equivalent to the Emmy Awards ... In 2009, Pan launched the streetwear boutique NPC (NEW PROJECT CENTER) which he collaborated with China host Nic Li (李晨), in Shanghai ...
Tsarist Russia and Soviet Viewpoint On Pan-Turkism
... The term "Turkism" started to be used with a prefix "Pan" (from Greek meaning "all"), to create "Panturkism" ... Critics also believe that the concept of Pan-Turkism is flawed because of the distinct dialects among each different Turkic people, which sometimes led to problems of ... Some nationalist critics also claim that Pan-Turkists are at the fore front of major historical revisionism regarding Turkic history and world history in general ...
George Young (rock Musician) - Selected List of Vanda and Young Songs
... #2, US #7, UK #5 "Walking in the Rain" - Flash and the Pan, Grace Jones "Evie - Parts 1, 2 3" - Stevie Wright, Pat Travers Band, The Wrights "Hey St ... Peter" - Flash and the Pan " "Waiting for a Train" - Flash and the Pan (1983) UK #7 ...
Pan-Turkism - History
... From Russia, the exiled Enlightenment leaders espousing Pan-Turkism fled to Istanbul, where a powerful Pan-Turkic movement rose ... From that time, the Turkish Pan-Turkism grew into a nationalistic, ethnically oriented replacement of the Caliphate by a worldwide state ... impossible at the time and reluctantly replaced Pan-Turkic idealism with solely Anatolian nationalism aimed at preservation of an Anatolian nucleus instead of global imperial ...
Pan - Other
... Pan Club Copenhagen, Club in Copenhagen for homosexual people Pan (surname), Chinese family name (潘 or 盤) Fan (surname), Chinese family name (范 or 樊) Pan-pan, a radio distress call ...

More definitions of "pan":

  • (noun): Shallow container made of metal.
  • (noun): (Greek mythology) god of fields and woods and shepherds and flocks; represented as a man with goat's legs and horns and ears; identified with Roman Sylvanus or Faunus.
    Synonyms: the goat god
  • (noun): Chimpanzees; more closely related to Australopithecus than to other pongids.
    Synonyms: genus Pan
  • (verb): Express a totally negative opinion of.
    Synonyms: tear apart, trash
  • (verb): Make a sweeping movement.
    Example: "The camera panned across the room"
  • (verb): Wash dirt in a pan to separate out the precious minerals.
    Synonyms: pan out, pan off

Famous quotes containing the word pan:

    When Pan sounds up his minstrelsy;
    His minstrelsy! O base! This quill,
    Which at my mouth with wind I fill,
    Puts me in mind, though her I miss,
    That still my Syrinx’ lips I kiss.
    John Lyly (1553–1606)

    I don’t pan out on the prophets
    An’ free-will, an’ that sort of thing—
    But I b’lieve in God an’ the angels,
    Ever sence one night last spring.
    John Milton Hay (1838–1905)

    A ‘spasm band’ is a miscellaneous collection of a soap box, tin cans, pan tops, nails, drumsticks, and little Negro boys. When mixed in the proper proportions this results in the wildest shuffle dancing, accompanied by a bumping rhythm.
    —For the City of New Orleans, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)