Pane may refer to:

  • Paned window, a window that is divided into sections known as "panes"
  • Pane (mythology), a type of satyr-like creature from Greek mythology

Other articles related to "pane, panes":

Southern Italian - Grammar - Words Which Trigger Doubling
... pane e ccaso né ppane né ccaso but pane o caso) The prepositions a, pe, cu (e.g ... ’o ppane, but nu poco ’e pane) The neuter pronoun ’o (e.g ... Chistu fierro chillu pane) The feminine plural definite article ’e (e.g ...
Tina Pica
... With 69 years, she becomes a celebrity with the rol Caramella in successful films Pane, amore e fantasia (1953), Pane, amore e gelosia (1954), Pane, amore e.. ... (1955), Pane, amore e Andalusia (1958) and the last one, Pane, amore e così sia (that was never filmed) ...
Accordion (GUI) - Developer Definition
... The pane is usually constrained by the width of labels ... Only one button or pane combination can be active at any one time when a button is selected any other active panes cease to be active and are hidden ... The active pane may have scrollbars ...
Timeline Of Space Shuttle Orbiters - Description - Structure
... glass, and comprised an internal pressure pane, a 1.3-inch-thick (33 mm) optical pane, and an external thermal pane ...
Java Help
... The GUI uses a tri-pane layout, with a toolbar and menu at the top, navigation pane on the left, and content viewer on the right ... The navigation pane includes searching, indexing, and a table of contents ...

Famous quotes containing the word pane:

    All out of doors looked darkly in at him
    Through the thin frost, almost in separate stars,
    That gathers on the pane in empty rooms.
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)