What is opposition?

  • (noun): The relation between opposed entities.
    Synonyms: oppositeness
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Opposition - In Music
... The Opposition, a London post-punk band. ...
Alec Douglas-Home - Life and Career - Opposition, 1964–70
... As Leader of the Opposition, Douglas-Home persuaded Macleod and Powell to rejoin the Conservative front bench ... Labour MPs such as Wedgwood Benn for his unwavering opposition to the rebel government, and for ignoring those on the right wing of the Conservative ...
2006 Delhi Sealing Drive - Opposition - Improper Conduct Allegations Against CJI Y.K. Sabharwal
... In a newspaper rebuttal, Justice Sabharwal addressed some other allegations, but failed to explain why he did not recuse himself from a case where his own sons may be said to have a direct interest ... In September 2007, four Mid-Day journalists were sentenced to four months imprisonment by the Delhi High Court for contempt of court (making such allegations about an ex-judge) ...
István Tisza - "Election By Handkerchief" and Electoral Defeat, 1905
... on 18 November 1904 to crush the obstruction of the opposition ... and, as a consequence, Kálmán Széll and Gyula Andrássy left the Liberal Party and the opposition unified into the "Federal Opposition" ...
New Zealand National Front - Policies
... Zealand as being part of an Asian economic bloc, or "New World Order" and opposition to any and all forms of foreign ownership and control ... Opposition to immigration and the repatriation of Asian, African and Middle Eastern immigrants The elimination of "Institutionalised Political Correctness" The State acquisition of the Reserve Bank ...

More definitions of "opposition":

  • (noun): An armed adversary (especially a member of an opposing military force).
    Synonyms: enemy, foe, foeman
  • (noun): A political party opposed to the party in power and prepared to replace it if elected.
    Example: "Her Majesty's loyal opposition"
  • (noun): The act of opposing groups confronting each other.
    Example: "The invaders encountered stiff opposition"
    Synonyms: confrontation
  • (noun): The action of opposing something that you disapprove or disagree with.
    Example: "Despite opposition from the newspapers he went ahead"
    Synonyms: resistance
  • (noun): A contestant that you are matched against.
    Synonyms: opponent, opposite
  • (noun): A body of people united in opposing something.
  • (noun): A direction opposite to another.

Famous quotes containing the word opposition:

    Women will not advance except by joining together in cooperative action.... Unlike other groups, women do not need to set affiliation and strength in opposition one against the other. We can readily integrate the two, search for more and better ways to use affiliation to enhance strength—and strength to enhance affiliation.
    Jean Baker Miller (20th century)

    My opposition [to interviews] lies in the fact that offhand answers have little value or grace of expression, and that such oral give and take helps to perpetuate the decline of the English language.
    James Thurber (1894–1961)

    One may disavow and disclaim vices that surprise us, and whereto our passions transport us; but those which by long habits are rooted in a strong and ... powerful will are not subject to contradiction. Repentance is but a denying of our will, and an opposition of our fantasies.
    Michel de Montaigne (1533–1592)