Privy Council

A privy council is a body that advises the head of state of a nation, typically, but not always, in the context of a monarchic government. The word "privy" means "private" or "secret"; thus, a privy council was originally a committee of the monarch's closest advisors to give confidential advice on affairs of state.

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Scotland In The Early Modern Era - Government - Privy Council
... Until 1707, The Privy Council met in what is now the West Drawing Room at the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh ... By the early modern era the Privy Council was a full-time body and critical to the smooth running of government ... Although the theoretical membership of the council was relatively large, at around thirty persons, most of the business was carried out by an informal inner group consisting mainly of the ...
Stand-off At The Fords Of Arkaig - Background - 1660s
... a warrant had been issued for Cameron's arrest, but he persuaded the Privy Council to defer it for a few weeks, allowing him to return home to Lochaber ... Lord Chancellor of Scotland, ordered the Commission of Fire and Sword into abeyance until the Privy Council had decided what to do ... Both Cameron and Mackintosh appeared before the Privy Council and agreed to be bound by its decision ...
Anglo-Hindu Law - History and Development - Phase 1: Rise of Court Pandits in India - Adoption Cases
... Muthu Ramalinga Sethupathy (Ramanad case) Privy Council held that where the husband's family is undivided, the father of the widow's deceased husband (if living), or at least ... goes to the mother after the father's death Lordships of the Privy Council held that where there is no expressed prohibition women are considered to be independent They did not support the theory of implied ...
Privy Councils - Former Privy Councils
... Brazil His Imperial Majesty's Council (honorific title, some members were part of the Council of Ministers or the Council of State, abolished by a coup in 1889) Burma Byedaik (abolished 1885) China Grand ...
List Of Northern Ireland Members Of The Privy Council
... This is a list of Members of the Privy Council of the United Kingdom who were born, live or lived in Northern Ireland ... It is not to be confused with the now redundant Privy Council of Northern Ireland ...

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