What is Luna?

  • (noun): (Roman mythology) the goddess of the moon; counterpart of Greek Selene.


Luna primarily refers to the Latin name for the Moon, Earth's only natural satellite.

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Luna Mystika
... Luna Mystika is a Filipino fantasy/romace drama created by RJ Nuevas, directed by Michael Tuviera and Gil Tejada, Jr ... ended, GMA Network makes its sequel entitled Luna Blanca ... On its first book, child stars Jillian Ward and Mona Louise Rey play the roles of Luna and Blanca respectively ...
Luna (Serbian Band)
... Luna (Serbian Cyrillic Луна trans ... name by the Bernardo Bertolucci film La Luna, Luna quickly gained the public's attention and established a cult status ...
List Of Thunder Cats Characters - Villains - The Lunataks
... Their numbers consist of Luna (voiced by Lynne Lipton) — A midget sorceress who is the leader and chief strategist of the Lunataks ... Cruel and caustic, Luna at one time recovered the magical belt once worn by her grandmother Queen Luna and used its power to grow tall and mobile again, but reverted in size ... Amok (voiced by Earl Hammond) — Luna’s loyal servant and bodyguard who is also her chief mode of transportation ...
Luna Park, Paris
... Luna Park was an amusement park near Porte Maillot in Paris, France from 1907 (or 1909) to 1931 ... Coquelle and Victor Breyer, a sports stadium at Luna Park ... It is said that both parties favor Vienne's club, as the fight would be held in Luna Park, Paris, thereby drawing a great society crowd ...