Wooden Roller Coaster

A wooden roller coaster is most often classified as a roller coaster with running rails made of flattened steel strips mounted on laminated wooden track. Occasionally, the support structure may be made out of a steel lattice or truss, but the ride remains classified as a wooden roller coaster due to the track design. Because of the limits of wood, wooden roller coasters in general do not have inversions (when the coaster goes upside down), steep drops, or extremely banked turns (overbanked turns). However, there are exceptions; the defunct Son of Beast at Kings Island had a 214-foot-high (65 m) drop and originally had a 90-foot-tall (27 m) loop until the end of the 2006 season, although the loop had metal supports. Other special cases are Hades at Mount Olympus Water and Theme Park in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, featuring a double-track tunnel and a 90-degree banked turn, The Voyage at Holiday World (an example of a wooden roller coaster with a steel structure for supports) featuring three separate 90-degree banked turns, Ravine Flyer II at Waldameer Park which has a 90-degree banked turn, and T Express at Everland in South Korea with a 77-degree drop.

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Examples of Wooden Roller Coasters
... American Eagle at Six Flags Great America is the longest, tallest, and fastest racing coaster in the world ... Le Monstre, at La Ronde, Montreal, Canada is the tallest double track wooden roller coaster in the world ... This was the second "prefabricated" wooden coaster to be built ...
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... Description Rating Big Dipper 1999 Chance Rides A family oriented steel sit-down roller coaster. 3 Corkscrew 1979 Arrow Dynamics A steel sit-down roller coaster. 5 Mad Mouse 1999 Arrow Dynamics A steel sit-down roller coaster ...
Le Monstre
... Le Monstre (The Monster) is a wooden roller coaster at La Ronde amusement park in Montreal, Canada ... Le Monstre is the largest wooden roller coaster in Canada and is also the tallest two-track wooden roller coaster in the world ... but is still taller than all of their other roller coasters ...
Mount Olympus Water & Theme Park - New Additions
... 2013 Hades wooden roller coaster renovated with the addition of a barrel roll inversion and a new Timberliner train ... addition of Poseidon's Beach 2009 Addition of The Almighty Hermes Sky coaster, and the addition of Night at the Theme Park 2008 Addition of The River Troy 2007 Addition of Poseidon's Rage Surf Pool ...
Mount Olympus Water & Theme Park - Zeus' Playground - Roller Coasters
... Hades 360 - A wooden roller coaster with a 65-degree drop, the world’s longest underground tunnel and reaches speeds up to 70 mph (110 km/h) ... roll on the second hill and add new Timberliner trains from The Gravity Group Pegasus - A wooden roller coaster built over Medusa's Drop ... Cyclops - A wooden roller coaster featuring a 75-foot (22.9 m) drop ...

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