Lunar may refer to:

  • Relating to the Moon
  • Lunar (series), a series of console video games
  • Lunar distance (navigation)
  • Lunar calendar
  • Lunar Linux
  • Hasselblad Lunar, a mirrorless digital camera based on the Sony NEX-7

Other articles related to "lunar":

... An animal sacred to her, the hare appearance shows her lunar nature, for the hare is a lunar creature many cultures, when looking at the moon see the outline of the hare, who lives in the moon ... The hare is often seen as an intermediary between lunar deities and humans, so the appearance of Kaltes in this form indicates her accessibility to her people ...
... was India's first unmanned lunar probe ... The mission included a lunar orbiter and an impactor ... The vehicle was successfully inserted into lunar orbit on 8 November 2008 ...
Apollo 21
... the sixth one (Apollo 11), leaving nine for follow-on lunar missions, through Apollo 20 ... However, budget cuts caused NASA to cancel the last three missions, ending the lunar program after Apollo 17 ... An "Apollo 21" lunar landing mission appears in three twenty-first century works of fiction ...
Schröter (lunar Crater)
... Schröter is a lunar crater near the mid-part of the Moon, on the eastern Mare Insularum, and named after German astronomer Johann Hieronymus Schröter ... This transient lunar phenomenon was not confirmed by other observers ... Franz von Gruithuisen is noted for claiming that this area contained a lunar city, based on his observations using a small refracting telescope ...
List Of Space Agencies - List of Achievements of Space Agencies With Lunar Landing Capability
... Manned Spaceflight Unmanned Moon Soft Landing Unmanned (automated) lunar rover operation Automated Lunar Soil Sampling and Delivery to Earth Manned Moon Landing National Aeronautics and ...

Famous quotes containing the word lunar:

    A bird half wakened in the lunar noon
    Sang halfway through its little inborn tune.
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)