What is Judah?

  • (noun): (Old Testament) the fourth son of Jacob who was forebear of one of the tribes of Israel; one of his descendants was to be the Messiah.
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Judah, Indiana - Geography
... Judah is located at 38°57′39″N 86°32′14″W / 38.96083°N 86.53722°W / 38.96083 -86.53722 ...
Shiloh (biblical Figure)
... mentioned in the Hebrew Bible in Genesis 4910 as part of the benediction given by Jacob to his son Judah ... that "the sceptre will not depart from Judah.. ... will stay with the existing family lineage of Judah, the Jewish people's government and the head of state until the final leader who will then claim that sceptre ...
Stewart Judah
... Stewart Judah (February 16, 1893 - June 11, 1966) began a career in magic in 1920 ... One of his marketed effects was the "The Keys of Judah" ... of American Magicians, featuring the time-honored John Braun/Stewart Judah contest ...
Siege Of Jerusalem (587 BC) - Siege
... of 597 BC, Nebuchadnezzar installed Zedekiah as tributary king of Judah at the age of twenty-one ... Nebuchadnezzar responded by invading Judah and began a siege of Jerusalem in January 589 BC ... Gedaliah was made governor of the remnant of Judah, the Yehud Province, with a Chaldean guard stationed at Mizpah ...

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  • (noun): An ancient kingdom of southern Palestine with Jerusalem as its center.
    Synonyms: Juda