What is immunity?

  • (noun): The state of not being susceptible.
    Synonyms: unsusceptibility
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Some articles on immunity:

Immunity - Other
... Immunity (album), an album by Rupert Hine Immunity (reality television), a condition which protects a contestant on a reality TV show from being kicked off ...
SFTPA2B - Innate Immunity
... The role of SFTPA2 in innate immunity has been extensively studied ... of the functions by which both SFTPA2 and SFTPA1 contribute to innate immunity include opsonization of bacteria for phagocytosis by alveolar macrophages recruitment of monocytes and neutrophils to the site of ...
Absolute Immunity
... Absolute immunity is a form of legal immunity in contrast to qualified immunity ... Qualified immunity only applies if specified qualifications are met absolute immunity is unqualified and unconditional ... Examples of absolute immunity include prosecutorial immunity, judicial immunity, sovereign immunity and legislative immunity ...
Survivor: Samoa - The Game - Episode 9: "Tastes Like Chicken"
... Reward A trip to a waterfall rock slide and a picnic lunch Immunity Challenge The castaways would have to toss a grappling hook to retrieve two bags with a ... While eating their picnic lunch, they received a clue to a new Hidden Immunity Idol ... remarkably found his second Hidden Immunity Idol without the help of a clue and informed Shambo ...
Section 230 Of The Communications Decency Act - Case Law - False Information
... eBay's immunity was upheld for claims based on forged autograph sports items purchased on the auction site ... Immunity for AOL was upheld against liability for a user's posting of incorrect stock information ... Immunity upheld against claims of fraud and money laundering ...

More definitions of "immunity":

  • (noun): The quality of being unaffected by something.
    Example: "Immunity to criticism"
  • (noun): (medicine) the condition in which an organism can resist disease.
    Synonyms: resistance

Famous quotes containing the word immunity:

    When the peace is a trade route, figures
    For the budget, reduction of population,
    Life grown sullen and immense
    Lusts after immunity to pain.
    Allen Tate (1899–1979)

    Mistakes, scandals, and failures no longer signal catastrophe. The crucial thing is that they be made credible, and that the public be made aware of the efforts being expended in that direction. The “marketing” immunity of governments is similar to that of the major brands of washing powder.
    Jean Baudrillard (b. 1929)

    There is immunity in reading, immunity in formal society, in office routine, in the company of old friends and in the giving of officious help to strangers, but there is no sanctuary in one bed from the memory of another. The past with its anguish will break through every defence-line of custom and habit; we must sleep and therefore we must dream.
    Cyril Connolly (1903–1974)