What is Georgian?

  • (noun): A resident of the American state of Georgia.
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George VIII Of Georgia - Life
... The process of the disintegration of the Georgian kingdom had already begun and was close to reach its climax ... The most troublesome were revolts by the western Georgian nobles and the atabegs of Samtskhe ... to create a separate church for his princedom, but the efforts of the Georgian Catholicos Patriarch David IV prevented the Georgian Orthodox Church from being split into two ...
... Khinkali (Georgian ხინკალი, Azerbaijani xingəl, Avar ХинкIал, Chechen Хи́нгал, Armenian Խնկալի) is a dumpling which originated in the Georgian regions of ... In Georgia, this top is called the "kudi" (Georgian ქუდი, hat) or "kuchi" (Georgian კუჭი, belly button) ...
Georgian - People With The Name
... Georgian Păun (born 1985), Romanian footballer Georgian Tobă (born 1989), Romanian footballer ...
Democratic Republic Of Armenia - Foreign Relations - Georgian-Armenian War
... In December 1918, Armenia and Georgia engaged in the Georgian–Armenian War 1918, which was a brief military conflict over the disputed border areas in the largely Armenian-po ... the end of the war, and resulted in the establishment a joint Armeno-Georgian civil administration in the "Lori neutral zone" or the "Shulavera Condominium" ... American relief agency officials began to complain that Georgian officials, who demanded their own share of the provisions, were holding up railway traffic ...
... or Bluchan (Blučan) was, according to Georgian chronicles, a Khazar general around the year 800 CE ... According to the Georgian sources, Bulchan led the Khazar army in its capture of Tfilis ... As part of the surrender terms a Georgian princess named Shushan was supposed to accompany Bulchan back to the khagan's court and marry the Khazar ruler, but the girl killed herself instead ...

More definitions of "Georgian":

  • (adj): Of or relating to or characteristic of the American state of Georgia or its inhabitants.
    Example: "The Georgian state capital is Atlanta"; "Georgian peach farmers"
  • (adj): Of or relating to the former British colony of Georgia.
    Example: "The Georgian colony"
  • (adj): Of or relating to the Hanoverian kings of England.
    Example: "The first Georgian monarch"
  • (noun): A southern Caucasian language with 3 million speakers and a long literary tradition.
  • (noun): A native or inhabitant of Georgia in Asia.
  • (adj): Of or relating to or characteristic of the Asian republic of Georgia or its people or language.
    Example: "The Georgian capital is Tbilisi"; "Georgian farmers"; "Georgian vowels"