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Lithuanization - History
... was less assimilation between the ruling nobility of the pagan Lithuanians and the conquered Orthodox Eastern Slavs ... the Lithuanian higher nobility in the Ruthenian lands largely embraced the Slavic customs and Orthodox Christianity and became indistinguishable from a larger Ruthenian nobility ... status of a main chancery language in the local matters and relations with other Orthodox principalities as lingua franca, and Latin was used in relations with the Western Europe ...
Catholic Church And Ecumenism - Relations With Orthodox Churches
... Of these, the orthodox Churches of Byzantine tradition accept only the first seven, the family of "non-Chalcedonian" or "pre-Chalcedonian" Churches only the first ... has shown that even where the break with one of the Orthodox Churches occurred as far back as the Council of Ephesus (431) and the Council of Chalcedon (451), long before the break with Constantinople (1054 ... The division between the two Churches in question goes back to the disputes over the legitimacy of the expression Mother of God, as well as Mother of Christ for the ...
History Of The Orthodox Church
... The Eastern Orthodox Churches trace their roots back to the Apostles and Jesus Christ ... seats of Patriarchy (for example see the Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem) ... age during the high point of the Eastern Roman or Byzantine Empire, taken over by the Bulgarian Orthodox Church and the Serbian Orthodox Church before it continued to flourish in Russia after the Fall ...
History Of Eastern Christianity - Ecumenical Councils - Oriental Orthodoxy
... Oriental Orthodoxy refers to the communion of Eastern Christian Churches that recognize only the first three ecumenical councils — the First Council of Nicaea (325 AD), the First Council of Constantinople (3 ... Hence, these Churches are also called Old Oriental Churches ... Despite potentially confusing nomenclature, Oriental Orthodox churches are distinct from the churches that collectively refer to themselves as Eastern Orthodoxy ...
Anglican Communion And Ecumenism - Diplomatic Ecumenism: Quest For Christian Unity - Orthodox Churches
... Dialogue has also been fruitful with the Orthodox Churches ... The current International Commission of the Anglican-Orthodox Theological Dialogue was established in 1999, building on the work of earlier commissions, which had published their work in the Dublin Statement, and the ... Dialogue has also been less fruitful with churches of the Orthodox Communion ...

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    He asked if I would sell my Christmas trees;
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    Robert Frost (1874–1963)

    If the jests that you crack have an orthodox smack,
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