Who is sir william schwenck gilbert?

Famous quotes containing the words sir william, schwenck gilbert, gilbert and/or schwenck:

    They turn one’s legs
    To cribbage pegs—
    Sir William Schwenck Gilbert (1836–1911)

    When the enterprising burglar isn’t burgling,
    When the cut-throat isn’t occupied in crime,
    He loves to hear the little brook a-gurgling,
    And listen to the merry village chime.
    —Sir William Schwenck Gilbert (1836–1911)

    Among them was a Bishop, who
    Had lately been appointed to
    The balmy isle of Rum-ti-Foo,
    And Peter was his name.
    —Sir William Schwenck Gilbert (1836–1911)

    If you’re anxious for to shine in the high esthetic line as a man
    of culture rare,
    You must get up all the germs of the transcendental terms, and plant
    them everywhere.
    You must lie upon the daisies and discourse in novel phrases of your
    complicated state of mind,
    The meaning doesn’t matter if it’s only idle chatter of a
    transcendental kind.
    —Sir William Schwenck Gilbert (1836–1911)