What is Garibaldi?

  • (noun): A loose high-necked blouse with long sleeves; styled after the red flannel shirts worn by Garibaldi's soldiers.
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Congress Of Peace In Geneva - Garibaldi
... Ridley, at the 1867 Congress of Geneva, Garibaldi referred to "that pestilential institution which is called the Papacy" and proposed giving "the final blow to the monster" ... against Pope Pius IX in 1849 and 1860, and it was in sharp contrast to the letter that Garibaldi had written to the pope from Montevideo in 1847, before those events ... had sought to eliminate the papacy, with Giuseppe Garibaldi seeking international support for that end at an 1867 congress in Geneva, where he proposed "The papacy, being the most ...
Battle Of Calatafimi - Battle
... During the battle, Garibaldi is said to have uttered the famous battle cry "Qui si fa l'Italia o si muore" ("Here we make Italy, or we die") ... By May 28, Garibaldi controlled much of the city and declared the Bourbon authority deposed ... and well trained troops arrived in the city, the situation became very serious for Garibaldi, who was saved only by Lanza's decision to surrender ...
Landmarks In Curitiba - Historic Area
... the Largo da Ordem and the pavement giving access to Garibaldi Square, with the Rosário Church, the Flowers Clock, the Memory Fountain and the Società Giuseppe Garibaldi make the setting for the ... at Largo da Ordem / Praça Coronel Enéas, Praça Garibaldi – São Francisco ...
List Of Equestrian Statues In Italy - Brescia
... Equestrian of Giuseppe Garibaldi by Eugenio Maccagnani at the Piazza Garibaldi, 1889 ... Bartolomeo Colleoni in Bergamo Giuseppe Garibaldi in Bologna Giuseppe Garibaldi in Brescia ...

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  • (noun): Italian patriot whose conquest of Sicily and Naples led to the formation of the Italian state (1807-1882).
    Synonyms: Giuseppe Garibaldi