What is Diaspora?

  • (noun): The dispersion or spreading of something that was originally localized (as a people or language or culture).
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A diaspora (from Greek διασπορά, "scattering, dispersion") is "the movement, migration, or scattering of people away from an established or ancestral homeland" or "people dispersed by whatever cause to more than one location", or "people settled far from their ancestral homelands".

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Some articles on Diaspora:

Sikh Diaspora
... The Sikh diaspora is the modern Punjabi Sikh migration from the traditional area of the Punjab region ... The Sikh diaspora is largely a subset of the Punjabi diaspora ... The starting point of the diaspora is commonly accepted to have begun after the fall of the Sikh Empire in 1849 and the Empire's subsequent annexation into the ...
Diaspora - In Popular Culture
... of science fiction sometimes refer to a diaspora, taking place when much of humanity leaves Earth to settle on far-flung "colony worlds" ... When you reach the doorsteps of your friends Starts your Diaspora DJ Krust and Saul Williams' track "Coded Language" opens with the line "Whereas, breakbeats ... The experimental rock outfit PINKNOISE released an EP in 2010 titled The Dance Of The Diaspora, expressing the current Indian diaspora, both ...
Sierra Leone Creole People - Diaspora
... As a result of normal immigration patterns, the Sierra Leone Civil War, and some discrimination at home, many Krios live abroad in the United States and the United Kingdom ... What has been called the "Creole Diaspora" is the migration of Krios abroad ...
Celtic Diaspora
... Celtic diaspora may refer to any of the following diasporas of Celtic people Cornish diaspora Irish diaspora Scottish people#Scottish_people_abroad Welsh people#Welsh_ ...
Lucia Peka - Latvian Diaspora
... Peka is part of the Latvian Diaspora – Latvian nationals who produced art outside of Latvia during the Soviet occupation ... thousands of Latvians fled the country to become the Diaspora ... to provide a substantial overview of art from this Latvian Diaspora period ...

More definitions of "Diaspora":

  • (noun): The body of Jews (or Jewish communities) outside Palestine or modern Israel.
  • (noun): The dispersion of the Jews outside Israel; from the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem in 587-86 BC when they were exiled to Babylonia up to the present time.