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Seediq People - Major Events - Wushe Events
... a road building program that brought them into the indigenous people's territory ... Contacts and conflicts escalated and some indigenous people were killed ... In 1901, in a battle with the Japanese, indigenous people defeated 670 Japanese soldiers ...
Chinese People In Papua New Guinea - Culture - Ethnicity and Identity
... to gender imbalances, mixed marriages between Chinese men and indigenous women have long been common in PNG's Chinese community ... However, at the same time, the Chinese community tended to look down on indigenous people as "savages" prior to independence, Chinese were in the middle tier of a ... disrupting previously-peaceful inter-ethnic relationships between the Chinese community and indigenous peoples ...
Sami Culture
... The Sami people, also spelled Sámi or Saami, are the indigenous people inhabiting the Arctic area of Sápmi, which today encompasses parts of far northern Norway, Sweden, Finland, the Kola Peninsula of Russia, and the ... The Sámi are the only indigenous people of Scandinavia recognized and protected under the international conventions of indigenous peoples, and hence the northernmost indigenous people of ... environmental, cultural and political reasons, reindeer herding is legally reserved only for Sami people in certain regions of the Nordic countries ...
Bowie Seamount - Indigenous People
... To the Haida Nation, the indigenous people who played a key role to establish the Bowie Seamount Marine Protected Area, the submarine volcano is called Sgaan Kinghlas ...
Akaka Bill - Support
... Federation of Natives, the largest organization representing the Native people of Alaska ... It provides a structured process to bring together the people of Hawai`i, along a path of healing to a Hawai`i where its indigenous people are respected and culture ... As it has for America's other indigenous peoples, I believe the United States must fulfill its responsibility to Native Hawaiians." In response to opponents who state the bill is race-based, supporters ...

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    Let’s holler and ask him if he won’t prescribe
    For all humanity a complete rest
    From all this wagery. But what’s the use
    Of asking any sympathy of him?
    That class of people don’t know what work is....
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)

    What is a country without rabbits and partridges? They are among the most simple and indigenous animal products; ancient and venerable families known to antiquity as to modern times; of the very hue and substance of Nature, nearest allied to leaves and to the ground,—and to one another; it is either winged or it is legged. It is hardly as if you had seen a wild creature when a rabbit or a partridge bursts away, only a natural one, as much to be expected as rustling leaves.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)