What is Au?

  • (noun): A unit of length used for distances within the solar system; equal to the mean distance between the Earth and the Sun (approximately 93 million miles or 150 million kilometers).
    Synonyms: Astronomical Unit
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1055 Tynka
... characteristics Epoch 0.2076132 Aphelion 2.65470274 AU Perihelion 1.7419083 AU Semi-major axis 2.1983055 AU Mean anomaly 0.29895 deg Inclination 5.2722 deg Argument of perihelion 176.30191 deg ...
Au, Vorarlberg - People
... Kaspar Moosbrugger ( Vorarlberg School * May 16, 1656 in Au † August 26, 1723 in Einsiedeln) Franz Beer (master builder and co-founder of Vorarlberg School ...
IPA For Irish - Comparison To Other Phonetic Transcription Schemes
... i — αi əi ai əi ai ai əu au αu əu ou əu au au fˠ fˠ f f f f f f fʲ fʲ f′ f′ f′ f′ f′ f′ ɡ ɡ g g ɡ g g g ɣ ɣ ℊ γ ɣ ɣ ɣ γ h h h h, h ...
List Of Aircraft (0-A) - A - AirUtility
... (AirUtility Cargo Co, North Sacramento CA.) AirUtility AU-18 AirUtility AU-18-150B AirUtility AU-27 ...
HD 188753 - Stellar Components
... Orbiting this primary at a distance of 12.3 AU is a pair of smaller stars that orbit each other with a period of 156.0 ± 0.1 days, a semi-major axis of 0.67 AU, and ... The periastron distance of this orbit is 6.2 AU ...

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  • (noun): A soft yellow malleable ductile (trivalent and univalent) metallic element; occurs mainly as nuggets in rocks and alluvial deposits; does not react with most chemicals but is attacked by chlorine and aqua regia.
    Synonyms: gold, atomic number 79