• (adj): Inconceivably large.
    Synonyms: astronomic, galactic
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Star Peace Project - Organizers
... StarPeace project is organized by Astronomical Society of Iran and the Sky Peace Organization, a non-governmental, not-for-profit organisation ... The Astronomical Society of Iran is a non-beneficiary institute, established for the purpose of increasing and improving astronomical activities in ...
Liverpool Astronomical Society
... The Liverpool Astronomical Society was founded in 1881 in Liverpool, England, as a society to promote and coordinate amateur astronomy ... In 1893 Liverpool Astronomical Society obtained the 5" Cooke equatorial telescope ...
Schiehallion Experiment - Measurements - Astronomical
... Observatories were constructed to the north and south of the mountain, plus a bothy to accommodate equipment and the scientists ... Most of the workforce was however housed in rough canvas tents ...
Czech Astronomical Olympiad
... The Czech Astronomical Olympiad is organised for pupils of elementary and secondary schools in the Czech Republic ... The Czech Astronomical Olympiad is supported by the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports as a science competition in category A ...
List Of Astronomical Catalogues
... An astronomical catalog is a list or tabulation of astronomical objects, typically grouped together because they share a common type, morphology, origin, means of ... Astronomical catalogs are usually the result of an astronomical survey of some kind ...

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  • (adj): Relating or belonging to the science of astronomy.
    Synonyms: astronomic