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Near-Earth Object
... A near-Earth object (NEO) is a Solar System object whose orbit brings it into close proximity with the Earth ... They include a few thousand near-Earth asteroids (NEAs), near-Earth comets, a number of solar-orbiting spacecraft, and meteoroids large enough to be tracked in space before ... the 1980s because of increased awareness of the potential danger some of the asteroids or comets pose to the Earth, and active mitigations are being ...
Number and Classification of Near-Earth Objects - Near-Earth Asteroids
... objects of 50 meters or more in diameter in a near-Earth orbit without the tail or coma of a comet ... As of May 2012, 8,880 near-Earth asteroids are known, ranging in size from 1 meter up to ~32 kilometers (1036 Ganymed) ... The number of near-Earth asteroids over one kilometer in diameter is estimated to be about 981 ...
List Of Astronomy Acronyms - N
... NEAP – (spacecraft) Near Earth Asteroid Prospector, a space probe used to study a near-Earth asteroid NEAR – (spacecraft) Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous, a space probe used to study a near-Earth asteroid ...

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