Weatherman or Weather man may refer to:

Weather forecaster
  • One who is involved in presenting weather forecasting
  • A TV or radio presenter, communicating information from meteorologists
  • unofficial name for a United States Air Force Special Operations Weather Technician, formerly called combat weathermen.
  • Weatherman, also known as Weather Underground, an American left-wing organization active in the late 1960s and 1970s
  • The Weather Man, a 2005 film
  • J. Walter Weatherman, one of the main recurring fictional characters from Arrested Development
  • The Weathermen (Belgian band), a Belgium electropop band
  • The Weathermen (hip hop group), the American hip-hop supergroup founded by Cage Kennylz
  • The Weatherman LP, an album by Dilated Peoples member Evidence
  • Weatherman (comics), the fictional leader of Wildstorm's Stormwatch
    • Henry Bendix, the first character to bear the title
    • Battalion (WildStorm) or Jackson King, Bendix's successor as Weatherman
  • David Wills (musician), a member of the band Negativland
  • "Weatherman" (short story), a science fiction short story by Lois McMaster Bujold

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Bill Ayers - Early Activism
... the "Jesse James Gang," Ayers made decisive contributions to the Weatherman orientation toward militancy ... became one of the earliest gatherings of what became the Weatherman ... over the year ", disaffected former Weatherman member Cathy Wilkerson wrote in 2001 ...
Phoebe Hirsch - Weatherman
... Hirsch surfaced with fellow Weatherman members Robert Roth and Peter Clapp, who were all living in Chicago ...
Days Of Rage - Aftermath
287 members of Weather were arrested during the Days of Rage and most of Weatherman and SDS' leaders were jailed ... Fred Hampton, who had a mostly friendly relationship with the Weatherman, denounced the group's action, fearing that it would alienate potential allies and invite an ... Rage demonstrations did not turn out as Weatherman members had anticipated ...
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... Scranton as a substitute game show host and weatherman ... He next worked at WGAL in Lancaster as a weatherman and assistant news director ... In 1963, he moved to the Philadelphia area and joined KYW-TV as a weekend weatherman ...