Viet Minh

Viet Minh

Việt Minh ( listen; abbreviated from Việt Nam Ðộc Lập Ðồng Minh Hội, English "League for the Independence of Vietnam") was a communist national independence coalition formed at Pac Bo on May 19, 1941. The Việt Minh initially formed to seek independence for Vietnam from the French Empire. When the Japanese occupation began, the Việt Minh opposed Japan with support from the United States and the Republic of China. After World War II, the Việt Minh opposed the re-occupation of Vietnam by France and later opposed South Vietnam and the United States in the Vietnam War.

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Battle Of Dong Khe
15 to September 18, 1950, ending with a Viet Minh victory ... Route 4 was a vital supply line that provided the Viet Minh with weapons and ammunition from China, the commander of the Viet Minh forces, Nguyen Giap, wanted to hang on to this ... the way back, both units were constantly under attack from Viet Minh and Chinese forces, suffering severe casualties in the process ...
Viet Minh - Note
... The Việt Nam Ðộc Lập Ðồng Minh Hội is not to be confused with the Việt Nam Cách Mạng Ðồng Minh Hội (League for the Vietnamese Revolution ...
CIA Activities In The Soviet Union - Soviet Union 1950 - Intelligence Analysis
... The Viet Minh has clearly indicated that its objective is to drive the French from Indochina at the earliest possible date ... Chinese Communists have at the same time repeatedly expressed their support of the Viet Minh ... They have, moreover, officially claimed that Western resistance to the Viet Mmli is directed against Chinese Communist security ...
Signals Intelligence In The Cold War - Indochina and Vietnam To 1954
... In the spring and fall of 1951, French forces beat back Viet Minh attacks, but continued to be increasingly hard-pressed in 1953 ... some restive tribal groups, or, having seen the effect of US firepower in Korea, hoped to draw the Viet Minh into a similar killing zone ... to lose a profitable opium operation in the area, but suggested it was more likely that the Viet Minh were making a profit in this area ...
Signals Intelligence In The Cold War - Indochina
... The Viet Minh, at first, used captured French communications equipment ... September 23, 1945, the US intercepted a message from Ho Chi Minh to Joseph Stalin, requesting aid for flood victims ... On September 12, the Viet Minh established a Military Cryptographic Section, and, with their only reference a single copy of French Capitaine Roger Baudoin's Elements Cryptographic ...

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