Vietnamese may refer to:

  • Something of, from, or related to Vietnam, the easternmost country on the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia.
    • Something of, from, or related to the former country of North Vietnam
    • Something of, from, or related to the former country of South Vietnam
  • Vietnamese people, persons from Vietnam or of Vietnamese descent
    • Overseas Vietnamese, Vietnamese people living outside Vietnam in a diaspora
  • Vietnamese language
  • Vietnamese alphabet
  • Vietnamese cuisine
  • Vietnamese culture

Other articles related to "vietnamese":

Kampuchean People's Revolutionary Armed Forces - Mission and Doctrine
... from the circumstances in Cambodia, and from the dynamics of the Vietnamese military establishment which had acted as mentor and as role model for the KPRAF ... In both the KPRAF and the Vietnamese army there was no doctrinal dichotomy between civilian society and the military establishment as there is in most Western nations ... and, ultimately, the Soviet Union, which maintained a substantial advisory presence with the Vietnamese armed forces and a smaller one with the KPRAF ...
Mekong Delta - History
... Beginning in the 1620s, Khmer king Chey Chettha II (1618–1628) allowed the Vietnamese to settle in the area, and to set up a custom house at Prey Nokor, which they colloquially referred to as Sài Gòn ... The increasing waves of Vietnamese settlers which followed overwhelmed the Khmer kingdom—weakened as it was due to war with Thailand—and slowly Vietnamized the area ... anti-Qing general, began to expand Vietnamese and Chinese settlements deeper into Khmer lands, and in 1691, Prey Nokor was occupied by the Vietnamese ...
Nanyue - Vietnam
... In Vietnam, the rulers of Nanyue are referred to as the Triệu Dynasty, the Vietnamese pronunciation of the surname Chinese 趙 pinyin Zhào ... name "Vietnam" is derived from Nam Việt (Southern Việt), the Vietnamese pronunciation of Nanyue ... Peter Bellwood suggested that, ethnic Vietnamese are descended from the ancient Yuè of northern Vietnam and western Guangdong ...
Vietnamese National Army - Notables - Units
... Famous units of the VNA are The 5th Vietnamese Artillery Group (5e Groupe d'Artillerie Viêt-namienne, GAVN) and the 55th Vietnamese Battalion (55e Bataillon Vietnamien) which fought at the battle of Na ... The 301st Vietnamese Infantry Battalion (301e Bataillon Viêt-namien, BVN) and the 5th Vietnamese Airborne Battalion (TDND 5 or 5e BAWOUAN) both fought at the 1954 battle of Dien Bien ...
Little Saigon
... Little Saigon is a name given to any of several overseas Vietnamese immigrant and descendant communities outside Vietnam, usually in the United States, Canada or Australia ... South Vietnam, where a large number of first-generation Vietnamese immigrants originate ... The most well-established and largest Vietnamese-American enclaves, not all of which are called Little Saigon, are located in Orange County, California San Jose ...

Famous quotes containing the word vietnamese:

    Follow me if I advance
    Kill me if I retreat
    Avenge me if I die.
    Mary Matalin, U.S. Republican political advisor, author, and James Carville b. 1946, U.S. Democratic political advisor, author. All’s Fair: Love, War, and Running for President, epigraph (from a Vietnamese battle cry)