Chi may refer to:

  • Chi (length) (尺), a traditional Chinese unit of length ("Chinese foot"), approximately 1/3 of a meter
  • Chi (mythology) (螭), a dragon in Chinese mythology
  • Ch'i or qi (氣), "life force" in Chinese culture
  • Chi (letter), the Greek letter (uppercase Χ, lowercase χ);
  • Chi (kana), a Japanese kana
  • 地, Japanese character for Earth
  • Chi River, Thailand
  • Chi, a god in Igbo mythology
in science
  • A probability distribution in mathematics:
  • Chi site, a DNA sequence that serves as a recombination hot spot
  • Creatinine height ratio, a metric used in determining body composition
  • A symbol for electronegativity
in fiction and popular culture
  • Chi (magazine), an Italian magazine
  • Chi (Chobits), a character in Chobits media
  • Chi, a character in Chi's Sweet Home media
  • "Chi", a song by Korn from Life Is Peachy
  • Cationic Hydration Interlink (CHI), a beauty products company owned by Farouk Shami

CHI may stand for:

  • Chile, the country.
  • Carvill Hurricane Index, a measure of hurricane damage potential
  • Catholic Health Initiatives, a faith-based, non-profit health system
  • Channel Islands (Chapman code: CHI)
  • Chichester, England, is known as Chi by local people in West Sussex
  • Chingford railway station, railway station code
  • Child Health International, a UK based charity for children's health (especially Cystic Fibrosis) in poor countries
  • Columbia Helicopters, an American aircraft manufacturer
  • Commission for Health Improvement, a former non-departmental public body of the Department of Health in the United Kingdom
  • Computer-human interaction or human-computer interaction, the study of the interaction of computers and people
    • CHI (conference), an annual conference on computer-human interaction
  • CHI, a secret society at Longwood University
  • CHI, the IATA code for all Chicago airports
  • CHI, the Amtrak code for Chicago Union Station
  • Canada Health Infoway, a not-for-profit organization engaged in the development of a pan-Canadian electronic health record (EHR) system
  • Community Health Index, a measure of the health of online communities
  • Community Health Index (Scotland), a system of patient identification used in Scottish public healthcare
  • Closed head injury

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