UPP may stand for:

Political parties
  • Union for Promoting Progress (União Promotora para o Progresso), a political party in Macao
  • United Progressive Party, various parties
  • Unión por el Perú, a liberal or centrist political party in Peru
  • United People's Party, various parties
  • Pacifying Police Unit, policing and law enforcement program in Rio de Janeiro
  • University Partnership Programme, an accommodation business for students in the UK
  • The IATU code for Upolu Airport in Hawaii
  • Uppsala, especially in seismology
  • University of Pittsburgh Press
  • Ultimate Picture Palace, a cinema in Oxford, England
  • Ultimate++, an open source IDE and easy-to-use Widget toolkit

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... Region Member Party Amazonas José Maslucan UPP Amazonas Fabiola Salazar APRA Ancash José Anaya UPP Ancash María Balta APRA Ancash Wilder Calderón APRA Ancash José Mallqui UN Ancash Fredy Otárola UPP Apur ...
Antigua And Barbuda General Election, 2009
31 March 2010, a judge nullified the election of UPP's leader Spencer and two other UPP MPs, calling the UPP's majority into question ...
David Bunce
... He was a member of the Epic Records signed group Upp, which included Jeff Beck, Andy Clark and Jim Copley ... The group's albums, Upp (1975), and This Way Upp (1976), were both produced by, and featured Jeff Beck ...
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... Also in 2012, UPPs have began to be established in the Complexo, and government services have been extended the previous two years ... the first police officer to die in a favela, while under UPP administration, was shot and killed by criminals within the Nova Brasília area of the Complexo do Alemão ... Fabiana Aparecida de Souza, who had only been on the force a few months, was at a small UPP station within the favela, when the building was shot at by 12 assailants and she was hit in the abdomen by a rifle bullet ...