Ind or IND may refer to:

  • Immigration and Nationality Directorate, a former part of the Home Office, a department of the United Kingdom government
  • Immigration and Naturalisation Service (Netherlands) (Dutch: Immigratie en Naturalisatiedienst), the organization that handles the admission of foreigners in the Netherlands
  • Improvised nuclear device, theoretical illicit nuclear weapons
  • Independent station, used within television program listings and the television industry for a station that is not affiliated with any network
  • Independent Subway System, a former rapid transit rail system in New York City that is now part of the New York City Subway
  • Independent (politician), a politician not affiliated to any political party
  • India, officially the Republic of India, a country in South Asia
  • Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
  • Indianapolis (Amtrak station), a railway station in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
  • Indianapolis International Airport, an airport located in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
  • Individualism Index, a measure of a person's independence from organizations or collectivity
  • Indonesian language, the official language of Indonesia
  • Induced representation, in mathematics, an operation for passing from a representation of a subgroup to a representation of the group itself
  • Indus (constellation), a constellation in the southern sky
  • Institute of Notre Dame, a high school in Baltimore, Maryland
  • International Nurses Day, celebrated in early May of each year to mark the contributions nurses make to society
  • Interplanetary Network Directorate, a branch of the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory that manages the agency's Deep Space Network
  • Investigational New Drug, a designation by the United States Food and Drug Administration for an experimental drug that has not yet been approved for marketing but can be transported within the United States across state lines
  • IND, the Index control character in the C0 and C1 control codes

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... complex shared by the BMT Nassau Street Line and the IND Sixth Avenue Lines of the New York City Subway, located at the intersection of Essex and Delancey Streets on the Lower East Side of Manhattan ... addition to the two track levels—the BMT platforms are on the upper level and the IND platforms are on the lower—an intermediate mezzanine built for the IND platforms ... As the BMT and the IND were originally separate systems, the transfer passageway was not within fare control until July 1, 1948 ...
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