• (adj): Cut short in duration.
    Example: "An unsatisfactory truncated conversation"
    Synonyms: abbreviated, shortened
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Truncation (geometry) - Uniform Polyhedron and Tiling Examples
... Family Original Truncation Rectification Bitruncation (truncated dual) Birectification (dual) Tetrahedron Truncated tetrahedron Octahedron Truncated tetrahedron Tetrahedron Cube Truncated cube Cuboctahedron ...
Truncation (statistics) - Data Analysis
... The analysis of data where observations are treated as being from truncated versions of standard distributions can be undertaken using a maximum ... In practice, if the fraction truncated is very small the effect of truncation might be ignored when analysing data ... but for which the typical range of values is well away from zero in such cases a truncated or censored version of the normal distribution may formally be preferable (although ...
Truncation (statistics) - See Also
... Truncated distribution Truncated mean Truncated dependent variable Censoring (statistics) ...
Truncated Octahedral Prism
... In 4-dimensional geometry, a truncated octahedral prism or omnitruncated tetrahedral prism is a convex uniform polychoron (four dimensional polytope) ... This polychoron has 16 cells (2 truncated octahedra connected by 6 cubes, 8 hexagonal prisms.) It has 64 faces (48 squares and 16 hexagons), and 96 edges and 48 vertices ... It has two symmetry constructions, one from the truncated octahedron, and one as an omnitruncation of the tetrahedron ...
Compound Of Ten Truncated Tetrahedra
... compound is a composition of 10 truncated tetrahedra, formed by truncating each of the tetrahedra in the compound of 10 tetrahedra ... the two enantiomers of the compound of 5 truncated tetrahedra ...

More definitions of "truncated":

  • (adj): Terminating abruptly by having or as if having an end or point cut off.
    Example: "Truncated volcanic mountains"; "a truncated pyramid"
    Synonyms: truncate