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Stallings Theorem About Ends Of Groups - Ends of Graphs
... The graph Γ is said to satisfy e(Γ) ≤ n if for every finite collection F of edges of Γ the graph Γ − F has at most n infinite connected components ... If e(Γ) = m < ∞, then for any finite set F of edges of Γ there exists a finite set K of edges of Γ with F ⊆ K such that Γ − F has exactly m ... If e(Γ) = ∞, then for any finite set F of edges of Γ and for any integer n ≥ 0 there exists a finite set K of edges of Γ with F ⊆ K such that Γ − K has at least n ...
Leora Skolkin-Smith - Edges: O Israel, O Palestine
... Edges O Israel, O Palestine (ISBN 9781930180147) is set in a pre-1967 Israel, during the Cold War ... An original audio production of edges narrated by Tovah Feldshuh won an "Earphones Award" from Audiofile Magazine ... EDGES was also a National Women Studies Association Conference Selection and a Jewish Book Council Selection, 2005 ...
Multiple Edges
... In graph theory, multiple edges (also called parallel edges or a multi-edge), are two or more edges that are incident to the same two vertices ... A simple graph has no multiple edges ... context, a graph may be defined so as to either allow or disallow the presence of multiple edges (often in concert with allowing or disallowing loops ...
Snowplow (di Suvero) - Description
... is positioned in such a way that the bottom edges run horizontally and the upper edges slope up and away from their crux at an angle nearly 30 degrees above horizontal ... The front faces and top edges of the blade are painted safety yellow, evoking the tradition of public works ...
Lieb's Square Ice Constant - Definition
... n × n grid graph (with periodic boundary conditions and n ≥ 2) has n2 vertices and 2n2 edges it is 4-regular, meaning that each vertex has exactly four neighbors ... An orientation of this graph is an assignment of a direction to each edge it is an Eulerian orientation if it gives each vertex exactly two incoming edges ...

Famous quotes containing the word edges:

    People stay
    Next to the edges of fields, hoping that out of nothing
    Something will come, and it does, but what?
    John Ashbery (b. 1927)

    The essence of the physicality of the most famous blonde in the world is a wholesome eroticism blurred a little round the edges by the fact she is not quite sure what eroticism is. This gives her her tentative luminosity and what makes her, somehow, always more like her own image in the mirror than she is like herself.
    Angela Carter (1940–1992)

    I always used to suffer a great deal if I let myself get too close to reality since the definitive world of the everyday with its hard edges and harsh light did not have enough resonance to echo the demands I made upon experience. It was as if I never experienced experience as experience. Living never lived up to the expectations I had of it—the Bovary syndrome.
    Angela Carter (1942–1992)