• (adj): Made by intertwining threads in a series of connected loops rather than by weaving.
    Example: "Knitted garments"; "a hand-knitted sweater"

Some articles on knitted:

Lace Knitting
... Some consider that "true" knitted lace has pattern stitches on both the right and wrong sides, and that knitting with pattern stitches on only one side of the fabric, so that holes are ... At the other extreme, some knitted lace is almost all holes, e.g ... Shetland knitted lace became extremely popular in Victorian England when Queen Victoria became a Shetland lace enthusiast ...
Purling - Structure - Ornamentations and Additions
... Additional patterns can be made on the surface of the knitted fabric using embroidery if the embroidery resembles knitting, it is often called Swiss darning ... can be added usually buttonholes are knitted into the garment, rather than cut ... Ornamental pieces may also be knitted separately and then attached using applique ...
Purling - Charity
... Girls and women knitted socks, sweaters, scarves, mittens, gloves, and hats for soldiers in Crimea, the American Civil War, and the Boer Wars this practice continued in ... Penguin sweaters were knitted by volunteers for the rehabilitation of penguins contaminated by exposure to oil slicks ... Chicken sweaters were also knitted to aid battery hens that had lost their feathers ...
Sweater Design - Choosing The Yarn
... The yarn affects the bulk and drape of the knitted fabric, as well as the visibility of stitches ... Thus, sweaters knitted for young children are usually knitted in acrylics, which are light in weight and washable ...
Selvage - In Knitted Cloth
... Applying the term selvage to a hand-knitted object is still relatively new ... cloth, however the term is coming into usage for hand-knitted objects ... The edges of machine-knitted fabric on the other hand are rarely if ever referred to as selvages ...

Famous quotes containing the word knitted:

    ... a friend told me that she had read of a woman who had knitted a wash rag for President Wilson. She was eighty years old and her friends thought it remarkable that she could knit a wash rag! I thought that if a woman of eighty could knit a wash rage for a Democratic President it behooved one of ninety-six to make something more than a wash rag for a Republican President.
    Maria D. Brown (1827–1927)

    At the last, tenderly,
    From the walls of the powerful fortress’d house,
    From the clasp of the knitted locks, from the keep of the well-closed doors,
    Let me be wafted.

    Let me glide noiselessly forth;
    With the key of softness unlock the locks—with a whisper,
    Set ope the doors O soul.
    Walt Whitman (1819–1892)