Some articles on tasks, task:

PTE Young Learners - PTE General - Schema Theory
... PTE General tasks are related through a common theme which allows candidates to activate the different domains of knowledge they have acquired and thus ... thread for candidates to guide them through the various tasks ... The tasks can be interrelated through a common topic or a scenario where the different tasks “build” a story and integrate different language skills ...
CLARION (cognitive Architecture) - Theoretical Applications of CLARION
... for a variety of psychological data, such as the serial reaction time task, the artificial grammar learning task, the process control task, a categorical inference task ... The serial reaction time and process control tasks are typical implicit learning tasks (mainly involving implicit reactive routines), while the Tower of ... In addition, extensive work has been done on a complex minefield navigation task, which involves complex sequential decision-making ...
Modlin Army - Tasks
... created on March 23, 1939 with the task of defending the Polish capital of Warsaw and the city of Płock from the north ...
Project Darkstar - API Overview - Tasks
... Control of information in a Project Darkstar server is generally handled by tasks, although in some special cases they are not necessary ... be protected from a server crash or shutdown, as tasks are saved and remembered when they are run, and can be respawned when the server is restarted in the same state as they were ...
Completely Fair Scheduler - Algorithm
... The scheduler stores the records about the planned tasks in a red-black tree, using the spent processor time as a key ... If the task spends a lot of its time sleeping, then its spent time value is low and it automatically gets the priority boost when it finally needs it ... Hence such tasks do not get less processor time than the tasks that are constantly running ...

Famous quotes containing the word tasks:

    A father who will pursue infant care tasks with ease and proficiency is simply a father who has never been led to believe he couldn’t.
    Michael K. Meyerhoff (20th century)

    Personal change, growth, development, identity formation—these tasks that once were thought to belong to childhood and adolescence alone now are recognized as part of adult life as well. Gone is the belief that adulthood is, or ought to be, a time of internal peace and comfort, that growing pains belong only to the young; gone the belief that these are marker events—a job, a mate, a child—through which we will pass into a life of relative ease.
    Lillian Breslow Rubin (20th century)

    We are all adult learners. Most of us have learned a good deal more out of school than in it. We have learned from our families, our work, our friends. We have learned from problems resolved and tasks achieved but also from mistakes confronted and illusions unmasked. . . . Some of what we have learned is trivial: some has changed our lives forever.
    Laurent A. Daloz (20th century)