FDP may refer to:

Political parties:

  • Free Democratic Party (Germany)
  • FDP.The Liberals, a political party in Switzerland
    • Free Democratic Party of Switzerland, a predecessor to FDP.
  • Free Democratic Party (GDR) of the former East Germany
  • Florida Democratic Party

Biology and Medicine:

  • A metabolite fructose 1,6-bisphosphate in glycolysis.
  • Fibrin degradation products, a blood test of coagulation
  • The muscle flexor digitorum profundus
  • The Fixed Dose Procedure, a method of testing the toxicity of substances.

Computer and Networks:

  • Foundry Discovery Protocol

Other meanings:

  • Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc., traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol FDP
  • Filho da puta, a general-purpose insult in Portuguese-speaking countries (analogous with the use of "SOB" to mean "son of a bitch" in English.)
  • The Fixed Dose Procedure, a method of testing the toxicity of substances.
  • Flight Data Processor, in air traffic management
  • Funded Decommissioning Programme (UK), an agreement between the Secretary of State and a new nucelar power station operator setting out costs for decommissioning and waste management and how the operator will ensure that sufficient finances for those activities exist.
  • the Faculty Development Program of the Commission on Higher Education (Philippines).

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