• (noun): German composer of many operas; collaborated with librettist Hugo von Hoffmannsthal to produce several operas (1864-1949).
    Synonyms: Richard Strauss
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Sal Tarbut Strauss - History
... Sal Tarbut Strauss began operating in 1987 in Jerusalem, and moved to Tel Aviv around 1990 ... In its early years, Sal Tarbut Strauss put an emphasis on introducing students to aspects of American 20th Century music that were relatively unfamiliar in Israeli culture ... Sal Tarbut Strauss has supplied and supported thousands of shows notably thru Strauss Mifaley Tarbut Ltd ...
... (Streams of Lava), opus 74, is the name of a waltz composed by Johann Strauss II ... Lava-Ströme was one of the more imaginative of Strauss' waltzes, having a dramatic 105-bar introduction symbolising the eruption of the volcano ... The opening waltz melody was used in Eduard Strauss' musical potpourri Bluthenkranz Johann Strauss'scher Walzer, opus 292 ...
Claude Lévi-Strauss - Theories - The Structuralist Approach To Myth - Criticism
... Lévi-Strauss's theory on the origin of the Trickster has been criticized on a number of points by anthropologists ... see them "as aspects of a single condition, the condition of existence." Diamond remarks that Lévi-Strauss did not reach such a conclusion by inductive reasoning, but simply by ... been known to act as a bird of prey, in contrast to Lévi-Strauss's conception ...
Sal Tarbut Strauss
... Sal Tarbut Strauss (Hebrew "סל תרבות שטראוס" ) is an educational program founded in Israel by Avner Strauss ... Sal Tarbut Strauss encompasses five areas of Arts and Culture Drama Dance Music Visual Arts Media Arts and Crafts Sal Tarbut Strauss has provided cultural enrichment to children since 1987 ... Sal Tarbut Strauss has independently produced many educational theater shows, working together with the none-profit organization A.V.I.(The Organization for Israeli Stage Arts) ...
Literary Rejections On Display
... The website became the subject of a literary controversy in late 2008 when novelist Darin Strauss used it as a forum to respond to his critics ... Village Voice, users of the website had launched slashing attacks on Strauss without having read any of his work, mocking his complaints, the "smirky" author photo, his ... Strauss responded on the website with an angry attack on his anonymous critics ...

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  • (noun): Austrian composer and son of Strauss the Elder; composed many famous waltzes and became known as the 'waltz king' (1825-1899).
    Synonyms: Johann Strauss, Strauss the Younger

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    Ah, there should be a young man, ein schone Junge carrying Blumen, a bouquet of roses. There should be cold Rhine wine and Strauss waltzes, and on the long way home kisses in the shadow of an archway, like a Cinderella.
    Laurence Stallings (1894–1968)