Taiwanese may refer to:

  • Things of or pertaining to Taiwan (the Republic of China)
  • Taiwanese aborigines, the indigenous people of Taiwan who inhibit the island thousand years ago.
  • Taiwanese people, residents of Taiwan or people of Taiwanese descent
  • Taiwanese Hokkien, a variant of Min Nan and most widely spoken vernacular in Taiwan
  • Formosan languages, the languages spoken by Austronesian aboriginals in Taiwan
  • Culture of Taiwan

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As The Bell Rings (China)
... voices dubbed in Madarin by voice actors familiar to Taiwanese audience ... In 2011, the show is adapted into a Taiwanese version, with the same characters performed by Taiwanese actors, produced in Taiwan ...
Secret (2007 Film)
... "The Secret That Cannot Be Told"), is a 2007 Taiwanese film ... It is the directorial debut feature film of Taiwanese musician Jay Chou, who also stars as the male lead and co-wrote the movie ... it received six nominations at the 44th Golden Horse Awards and won Outstanding Taiwanese Film of the Year, Best Original Song for "不能說的祕密" (Secret) by ...
Liu Pang-yu - Death
... Authorities have not solved the crime some Taiwanese police believe that Chinese gang members recruited from "a local group" killed Liu and the others ... At the time the shooting was the deadliest mass murder in Taiwanese history, and Liu was the only high-ranked government official to be assassinated in his term ... The nature of the shootings and the photographs of the aftermath shocked the Taiwanese ...
... In Taiwanese culture, a Taijian (traditional Chinese 台奸 or 臺奸 simplified Chinese 台奸 pinyin Táijiān) is a highly derogatory and ... Literally, it means traitor of Taiwan or one who betrays Taiwanese people, and traces its roots back to the Republic of China's rule over Taiwan during the martial law period (starting from the infamous 228 massacre ...