Synthetic Element - List of Synthetic Elements

List of Synthetic Elements

The following elements do not occur naturally on Earth. All are transuranium elements and have atomic numbers of 99 and higher.

Element name Chemical
First definite
Einsteinium Es 99 1952
Fermium Fm 100 1952
Mendelevium Md 101 1955
Nobelium No 102 1966
Lawrencium Lr 103 1961
Rutherfordium Rf 104 1966 (USSR), 1969 (USA) *
Dubnium Db 105 1968 (USSR), 1970 (USA) *
Seaborgium Sg 106 1974
Bohrium Bh 107 1981
Hassium Hs 108 1984
Meitnerium Mt 109 1982
Darmstadtium Ds 110 1994
Roentgenium Rg 111 1994
Copernicium Cn 112 1996
Ununtrium Uut 113 2003
Flerovium Fl 114 1999
Ununpentium Uup 115 2003
Livermorium Lv 116 2000
Ununseptium Uus 117 2010
Ununoctium Uuo 118 2002
* Shared credit for discovery.

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