Switching may refer to:

  • switch, electrical switching
    • RF switch
  • telephone exchange, telephone switching
  • Packet switching, switching of digital networks
  • LAN switching
  • railroad switch, railroad turnouts
  • shunt (rail), the process of switching rail cars
  • Switching (film), a 2003 Danish interactive film
  • Class switching, Immunoglobulin class switching (or isotype switching or isotypic commutation or class switch recombination(CSR)) in immunology

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... A switching and terminal railroad is a freight railroad company whose primary purpose is to perform local switching services or to own and operate a ... Switching is a type of operation done within the limits of a yard ...
Sutherland Industrial, Saskatoon - Industrial
... Currently there are CPR switching yards in the Central Industrial neighbourhood ... negotiations currently to remove these switching yards ... the city and be able to use the CN Chappell Yards for switching ...
Switching Time
... For a frequency synthesizer, the switching time or more colloquially the switching speed is the amount of time from when the command for the next frequency is ... In the 1970s switching speeds ranged from 1 milli-sec to 10 micro-seconds ... Lee) that the switching time (i.e ...
Amos E. Joel, Jr. - Publications
... Electronic Switching Central Office Systems of the World (IEEE Press, 1976) With Robert J ... Chapuis (eds.) 100 Years of Telephone Switching (1878-1978 Part 1 Manual and Electromechanical Switching), Elsevier 1982 ... Part 2 Electronics, Computers and Telephone Switching (Elsevier, 1990) ...