Von Neumann

  • (noun): United States mathematician who contributed to the development of atom bombs and of stored-program digital computers (1903-1957).
    Synonyms: Neumann, John von Neumann

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Philipp Von Neumann
... Baron Philipp von Neumann (German Philipp Roger Franz Freiherr von Neumann ), (English Philipp Roger Francis Baron de Neumann) (4 December 1781 – 14 January 1851) was an Austrian diplomat ...
Measurement Of Quantum Entanglement - Wavefunction Collapse - Von Neumann Measurement Scheme
... The von Neumann measurement scheme, the ancestor of quantum decoherence theory, describes measurements by taking into account the measuring apparatus which is also treated as a quantum object ... This density operator is interpreted by von Neumann as describing an ensemble of objects being after the measurement with probability in the state The transition is ... case the measured observable has a degenerate spectrum, weak von Neumann projection is generalized to Lüders projection in which the vectors for fixed n are the degenerate eigenvectors ...
Richard M. Goodwin - Major Articles
... editors, Non-linear Models of Fluctuating Growth "Swinging Along the Turnpike with von Neumann and Sraffa", 1986, Cambridge Journal of Economics "The Dynamics of a Capitalist Economy A ... "Swinging Along the Autostrada Cyclical fluctuations along the von Neumann Ray", 1989, in Dore et al ... John von Neumann and Modern Economics ...
Lists Of British Inventions - Computing
... The UTM model is considered to be the origin of the "stored program computer" used by John von Neumann in 1946 for his "Electronic Computing Instrument" that now bears von Neumann's ... Strachey EDSAC was the first complete, fully functional computer to use the von Neumann architecture, the basis of every modern computer - Maurice Wilkes EDSAC 2 the successor to the Electronic Delay ...
Computer Virus - History - Academic Work
... the term "computer virus" was not used at that time) was done in 1949 by John von Neumann who gave lectures at the University of Illinois about the "Theory and Organization of Complicated Automata" ... The work of von Neumann was later published as the "Theory of self-reproducing automata" ... In his essay von Neumann described how a computer program could be designed to reproduce itself ...

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    What a lesson here for our world. One blast, thousands of years of civilization wiped out.
    —Kurt Neumann (1906–1958)

    Nothing is more indispensable to true religiosity than a mediator that links us with divinity.
    Novalis [Friedrich Von Hardenberg] (1772–1801)