• (noun): A difficult juncture.
    Synonyms: pass, head
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Straits Settlements Cricket Team
... The Straits Settlements cricket team was the team that represented the Straits Settlements in international cricket matches between 1890 and 1940 ...
List Of Maritime Incidents In The Turkish Straits
... The list of maritime incidents in the Turkish Straits is a listing of major maritime casualties that occurred in the Bosphorus and Dardanelles Straits in Turkey ... but also to human life in the high populated areas around the Straits ... These two Straits are today among the busiest and most critical seaways in the world ...
Corner-Straits Chain Of Lakes
... Corner-Straits chain of lakes is a 477-acre (193 ha) chain of lakes that is located at the tri-county corner of Delta County, Michigan, Alger and Schoolcraft countries ... chain consists of Skeels Lake, Corner Lake, Deep Lake, and Straits Lake ...
Straits Trading Company
... The Straits Trading Company Limited (SGX S20) is a Singapore-based corporation with operations in Singapore and Malaysia, as well as various localities in Asia and Australia ... Muhlinghaus, a German entrepreneur the Straits Trading Company was later incorporated in Singapore on 8 November 1887 with a hefty capital of S$150,000 during its days ... Mining and smelting operations that the Straits Trading Company was originally engaged in were eventually carried out by its 73%-owned subsidiary, the Malaysia Smelting Corporation Berhad, a public listed ...
Straits Settlement And Johore Territorial Waters Agreement Of 1927
... The Straits Settlement and Johore Territorial Waters Agreement of 1927 was signed between the United Kingdom as the colonial ruler of the Straits Settlements of which Singapore was part, and the Sultanate of ... Sir Hugh Charles Clifford, then Governor of the Straits Settlements, and Sultan Ibrahim of Johor ...

More definitions of "straits":

  • (noun): A bad or difficult situation or state of affairs.
    Synonyms: pass, strait

Famous quotes containing the word straits:

    Yes! in sea of life enisled,
    With echoing straits between us thrown,
    Dotting the shoreless watery wild,
    We mortal millions live alone.
    Matthew Arnold (1822–1888)

    Men would never be superstitious, if they could govern all their circumstances by set rules, or if they were always favoured by fortune: but being frequently driven into straits where rules are useless, and being often kept fluctuating pitiably between hope and fear by the uncertainty of fortune’s greedily coveted favours, they are consequently for the most part, very prone to credulity.
    Baruch (Benedict)