Water Level

A water level is a device used for matching elevations of locations that are too far apart for a spirit level to span. The simplest water level is a section of clear tubing, partially filled with water. Water is easily procured for use, and easily discarded after use. The ends are held vertical, and the rest of the tubing lies on the ground or floor. The water level at each end of the tube will be at the same elevation, whether the two ends are adjacent or far apart. Water levels have been used for many years. The water level is lower-tech than the laser level, but it can be more accurate over long distances. To avoid error, all of the water should be at the same temperature. Other sources of error include difficulty reading due to meniscus.

If the water level is used often, dye can be added to the water to make it easier to see. If the water level is used outdoors in winter, antifreeze can be added to the water.

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Leupold & Stevens - History
... In 1911, Leupold Voelpel was contracted by John Cyprian (J.C.) Stevens to manufacture a water level recorder he had designed and patented ... Besides the first water level recorder, the company invented several other innovative pieces of equipment, such as the Telemark water recorder which ... This device could transmit water level information via telephone, allowing for remote monitoring of water resources to become feasible ...
... formed from calcite, when materials precipitated from dripping water onto a cave pool attach to the side ... The shelfstone above the current water level in a pool is an indicator of past levels of the pool ... Shelfstone can be very thick when the water level has stayed constant over a long period of time ...
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... the United States Army Corps of Engineers began lowering the water level in Lake Cumberland, fearing a break in Wolf Creek Dam ... Water seepage has eroded the limestone under the dam, creating the potential for a breach and subsequent flood that would cause damages into the billions of dollars in cities ... The water level, currently at its winter fill level of 690 feet (210 m) altitude, is scheduled to be lowered to a level of 680 feet (207 m) rather than being allowed to fill ...
Causes Of Landslides - Causes of Landslides - Human Causes - Water-level Change
... Rapid changes in the groundwater level along a slope can also trigger landslides ... This is often the case where a slope is adjacent to a water body or a river ... When the water level adjacent to the slope falls rapidly the groundwater level frequently cannot dissipate quickly enough, leaving an artificially high water table ...

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