Slots may refer to:

  • Jørgen Slots, a leading Danish periodontist currently on faculty at USC Dental School
  • Slot machine, a casino gambling machine
  • Leading edge slot, an aerodynamic device on an aircraft leading edge

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... As well as the broad range of classic slot games, video pokers, and video slots, all found in the Casino and Games section of the website ... Smart Live also offer the innovative range of 3d slot games in their Vegas section, taking the RNG platform to the next level ...
Sun Fire E25K
18 system boards (Uniboards, containing CPU sockets and RAM slots) ... Whereas in the 15K there had been a possibility to use slots of an additional crossbar switch to plug in extra 2-CPU boards to extend the computational power at the cost of I/O capacity, this possibility was not ... Up to 72 hot swappable PCI-X I/O slots 54 slots are 90 MHz, 18 slots are 33 MHz ...
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... A Superframe is defined as eight contiguous Frames (1536 Slots) ... The duration of a Superframe is fixed in terms of Slots (and, therefore, Cells), but not in terms of time ...