In general, a query is a form of questioning, in a line of inquiry. A query may also refer to:

  • The Queries, a set of 31 questions outlined by Isaac Newton beginning in 1704
  • Query (Quaker), a question used for reflection and spiritual exercises among members of the Society of Friends
  • Query (complexity), a mapping from structures of one vocabulary to structures of another vocabulary

In computing:

  • A precise request for information retrieval with database and information systems
    • Query language, a computer language used to make queries into databases and information systems
    • Query string, in the World Wide Web, is an optional part of a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) that follows the first question mark (?)
    • Web search query, a query entered by users into web search engines
  • Command-query separation (CQS), a concept in object-oriented programming, especially in the Eiffel programming language
  • jQuery, a lightweight JavaScript library that emphasizes interaction between JavaScript and HTML

Persons with the surname Query:

  • Jeff Query, an American football player
  • Nate Query, a musician
  • Russell Query, Web Developer

Other articles related to "query":

Mash QL
... The idea of MashQL is to allow people to query, mash up, and pipeline RDF data intuitively ... The novelty of MashQL is that it allows one to query (and navigate) an RDF graph without any prior knowledge about its schema, vocabulary, structure or technical details as well as it ... MashQL is also called as a query-by-diagram language where users create mashups in a graphical manner while the queries are generated in the background ...
SLATES - Search
... A web search query is a query that a user enters into web search engine to satisfy his or her information needs ... are unstructured and often ambiguous they vary greatly from standard query languages which are governed by strict syntax rules ...
CIHO-FM - Transmitters
... CRTC Decision Baie-Saint-Paul CIHO-FM-2 92.1 FM 50 watts LP Query 89-8 La Malbaie CIHO-FM-1 105.9 FM 100 watts A1 Query 88-55 Petite-Rivière-Saint François CIHO ...
Semantic Pipes
... A Semantic Pipe is a stored SPARQL query (or a sequence of queries) over one or more RDF sources ... The result of each query is stored physically and seen as a concrete and independent RDF resource, anything that can be done to a real RDF resource can be done to ... based on it base resources.) The result of each query can be used as input to other queries ...

Famous quotes containing the word query:

    Such condition of suspended judgment indeed, in its more genial development and under felicitous culture, is but the expectation, the receptivity, of the faithful scholar, determined not to foreclose what is still a question—the “philosophic temper,” in short, for which a survival of query will be still the salt of truth, even in the most absolutely ascertained knowledge.
    Walter Pater (1839–1894)