Client(s) or The Client may refer to:

  • Client (computing), software that accesses a remote service on another computer
  • Customer or client, a recipient of goods or services in return for monetary or other valuable considerations
  • Client, in the system of patronage in ancient Rome, an individual protected and sponsored by a patron

In art and entertainment:

  • Client (band), a British synthpop band
    • Client (album), a 2003 album by Client
  • Clients (album), a 2005 album by The Red Chord
  • The Client (novel), a 1993 legal thriller by John Grisham
    • The Client (1994 film), based on Grisham's novel
    • The Client (TV series), a 1995–96 television series based on the novel and film
  • The Client (2011 film), a South Korean courtroom thriller
  • "The Client" (The Office), an episode of the television series The Office

Other articles related to "client, clients":

The BlitzMail Client
... The BlitzMail client was graphical, and runs on Windows and Macintosh computers ... Several Java implementations exist, as well as web-based clients, such as NetBlitz and WebBlitz ... The client has not had major updates since the late 1990s, with the exception of a port to Mac OS X ...
Hamachi (software) - Addressing
... Each Hamachi client is assigned from the (formerly address block when it logs into the system for the first time ... The IP address is henceforth associated with the client's public crypto key ... As long as the client retains its key, it can log into the system and use this IP address ...
Existential Therapy
... The existential psychotherapist is generally not concerned with the client's past instead, the emphasis is on the choices to be made in the present and future ... The counselor and the client may reflect upon how the client has answered life's questions in the past, but attention ultimately shifts to searching for a new and increased awareness in the ...
Hamachi (software) - Operational Summary
... system, consisting of the server cluster managed by the vendor of the system and the client software, which is installed on end-user computers ... Client software adds a virtual network interface to a computer, and it is used for intercepting outbound as well as injecting inbound VPN traffic ... traffic sent by the operating system to this interface is delivered to the client software, which encrypts and authenticates it and then sends it to the ...

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