Shortwave Broadcasting

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Shortwave Radio - Shortwave Broadcasting - Disadvantages
... Shortwave radio's benefits are sometimes regarded as being outweighed by its drawbacks, including Shortwave broadcasts often suffer from serious interference problems because of overcrowding on the wavebands ... Even under ideal reception conditions, the audio quality of a shortwave broadcast is usually inferior to that of domestic stations, particularly FM stations, and it has always been ... around the world gain access to television and the Internet, older technologies such as shortwave radio find it increasingly difficult to compete for ...
Antenna Tuner - Sample Application: Multiband Shortwave Transmitter
... longest lasting applications for dedicated antenna tuners is in high power shortwave broadcasting transmitters (50 kW+), where antenna tuning is a must due to frequent waveband ... Every multiband shortwave transmitter sold since the 1950s has had one as part of its design ... Most antennas used in high power shortwave broadcasting are HRS type antennas, where the radiating elements are of a fixed length and the resonance of the antenna is optimized for only one or two bands ...

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    We spend all day broadcasting on the radio and TV telling people back home what’s happening here. And we learn what’s happening here by spending all day monitoring the radio and TV broadcasts from back home.
    —P.J. (Patrick Jake)