Shoe - Accessories


  • Foam tap — a small foam pad placed under the ball of the foot to push the foot up and back if the shoe is too loose.
  • Heel grip — used to prevent the shoe from slipping on the heel if the fit is not perfect
  • (Orthopedic) shoe insert — insert of various materials for cushioning, improved fit, or reduced abrasion. These include padding and inner linings. Inserts may also be used to correct foot problems.
  • Overshoes or galoshes — a rubber covering placed over shoes for rain and snow protection.
  • Shoe bag — a bag that protects shoes against damage when they are not being worn.
  • Shoe brush and polishing cloth: used to apply polish to shoes.
  • Shoe polish — a waxy material spread on shoes to improve appearance and glossiness, and provide protection.
  • Shoe stretcher — a tool for making a shoe longer or wider or for reducing discomfort in areas of a shoe.
  • Shoe tree — placed inside the shoe when user is not wearing it, to help maintain the shoe's shape.
  • Shoehorn — can be used to insert a foot into a shoe by keeping the shoe open and providing a smooth surface for the foot to slide upon.
  • Shoelaces — a system used to secure shoes.
  • Snow shoe — a wooden or leather piece that increases the area of ground covered by the shoe.

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