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Equine Podiatry - Shod Versus Shoeless Debate
... Traditionally, the practice of horseshoeing was implemented to prevent wear of the hoof wall however, the modern argument is that traditional farriery with ... opportunity to develop the internal and external hoof tissues by natural means ... regular impact on firm ground stimulates sensory receptors in the hoof that, in turn, induce a physiologic response to promote strengthening of the hoof wall and an increased sole thickness ...
Laminitis - Treatment - Medical Approaches
... Dorsal hoof wall resection A dorsal hoof wall resection may help in certain conditions after consultation with an experienced veterinarian and farrier team ... to the coronary plexus is seen on a venogram, or when a laminar wedge forms between P3 and the hoof wall, preventing the proper re-attachment (interdigitation) of the laminae, this procedure may ... This may lead to abscesses within the hoof capsule that can be severe and very painful, as well as a mass of disorganized tissue called a laminar (or lamellar) wedge ...
Equine Conformation - Conformation of The Feet and Base
... of the limb as the horse hits hard on the outside hoof wall ... strain on the lateral structures of fetlock, pastern, and outside of hoof wall ... toed-out the horse lands hard on the outside of the hoof wall and places excessive strain on the medial structures of the fetlock and pastern, leading to ringbone or sidebone, potentially spraining structures of ...
Calk - Process of Shoeing - Shoeing Mistakes
... This may sometimes result in a nail coming too close to the sensitive part of the hoof (putting pressure on it), or a nail that is driven slightly into the sensitive hoof, called "quicking" or nail ... This occurs when a nail penetrates the wall and hits the sensitive internal structures of the foot ... around while being shod, but also may occur if the hoof wall is particularly thin (common in Thoroughbreds), or if the hoof wall is brittle or damaged ...

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